January 16, 2014

D-Node 230: Miss Sunshine | Tic Tac Toe

Croatian DJ/producer Miss Sunshine began her DJ career locally in the later 90s, and by the 2000s began playing Europe's biggest festivals, working in music education, and releasing music. In 2009 she toured with Queens of Minimal Techno (QMT) across the Balkan countries and then South America. Her 2010 remix of Re:Axis “Everything that we knew” hit the top 20 of the Beatport chart, followed by releases and remixes on Lazerslut, Monocline, Redukt, Woods n Bass, FVF, Machine Box, Kopfmusi...

April 5, 2012

D-Node 153: Will Azada | Proper Trax

In cities across America, there are those people who take on the struggle to keep proper dance music a part of their cultural landscape. Will Azada has been one of those guys for awhile now, and last year he launched his label, Proper Trax, to expand that ideal of proper house and techno out of Knoxville, Tennessee. With his new label and releases on Woods 'N Bass, Mystical Disco, and Bleep Sequence, Azada steps into the producers arena to showcase his personal vision for dance music. Fo...