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D-Node 117: Detroit Grand Pubahs | Deletefunk

Detroit Grand Pubah’s mastermind Paris The Black Fu provides this week’s podcast with a fun, aggressive mix of techno funk with that unmistakable Bootygrabber flare. The Pubahs have evolved since the days of their breakout single “Sandwiches” with 5 albums, dozens of EP’s, hordes of remixes and a shitload of international gigs. Their experiments in the lab have formulated yet another concept and their new album “Techmarine Bottomfeeders” will be due sometime in the near future in a galaxy not so far away. In the meantime, these conjoined selections will serve as a snapshot into their current DJ vibe. As an extra we have included the video for their latest single “Autotragik” below. May the funk be with you.


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01. Phil Weeks – All Day Every Day
02. Detroit Grand PuBahs – Big Onion Breathappella
03. Detroit Grand PuBahs – Numb Deaf and Dumb – DJ Pierre remix
04. Paul Woolfords – Dinosaurs
05. Llydo – Qunchos – Abe Duque remix
06. Sinisa Tamamovic – The Master Stolen Moments
07. Quince – My Lifes Rythm
08. Dean Cole – Juniper
09. Rob Hood – Alpha
10. Two Black Runners – Subway – unreleased
11. Oliver Huntemann – Following My Heart
12. Radio Slave – I Don’t Need A Cure – Kenny Larkin remix
13. Abe Duque – Acid Original
14. Joey Beltram – The Scorpion
15. Joseph Capriati – GMID – Kari lekebusch remix
16. The Advent & Industrializer – Jones Town
17. Black FU – Static – unreleased (outro)



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10 Responses to “D-Node 117: Detroit Grand Pubahs | Deletefunk”

  • Jim says:

    YES! Always getting the best of techno, big ups Droid Behavior!

  • John1334 says:

    nice mix / lay out

  • Dubgil says:

    There needs to be a female duo techno act called Las Grand Putas! They could warm up for the Grand Pubahs…

  • arie says:

    Glad to see the Pubahs show love for Detroit tech.

  • john d says:

    cool site

  • budden says:

    im liking this one alot

  • Anonymous says:

    will forward this set along

  • Tomio says:


  • Audrey D says:

    grateful for these

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