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Out Now: Mirrored Selves | VRV.002


Artist: Subversive / Raiz / Permanent Heartbreak
Title: Mirrored Selves
Format: Cassette Tape/Digital
Cat. No.: VRV.T002
Release Date: Sept 2016

Buy Cassette Tape Direct: Behavior Shop
Buy Digital Files Direct: Beatport.com


Side 1.
Subversive – Unwanted Reflection
Raiz – Recognize
Raiz – Realize

Side 2.
Permanent Heartbreak – Mirror Pt. 1
Permanent Heartbreak – Mirror Pt. 2
Permanent Heartbreak – Amending

The second tape release from the VRV label comes as a mini compilation with various contributions from the deep. Subversive, Raíz and Permanent Heartbreak unearth concealed emotions for this concept release and (tape only) mix. Keeping in line with previous works, Subversive’s “Unwanted Reflection” lays down subtle yet driving Detroit-influenced themes. “Recognize” by Raíz is a thick house tool and floor mover. They take a deeper look within for “Realize” and deliver depth of sound and expression. Social Observer Permanent Heartbreak appears once more for cassette format (debuting on tape for VRVT-001) and closes the player with 3 cuts of harmonic emphasis. Mirror Pt. 1, Pt. 2 and Amending close out the narrative in delicate fashion. This limited run release includes packaging made from custom metallic and card-weight paper as well as hand painted labels for side differentiation.

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