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September 9, 2015


CLICK HERE FOR PRESALE TICKETS ON RA CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO ON FACEBOOK Saturday September 26th, Prototype welcomes back the DROID BEHAVIOR / Droid Recordings event series PRIME to Lot 613. The Westcoast's undisputed leading force in techno, their label and subsequent events have existed since 2002, taking them across the globe, with showcases in Amsterdam, Detroit, NYC and Berlin’s infamous Berghain. With them, they bring one of the stalwarts of the global scene, Marcel Dett...

December 5, 2013

D-Node 226: Ray Kajioka | Kanzleramt + 1:53.2

Named after Ray Charles, Ray Kajioka's early affinity for the piano/keyboard led him to realize he could produce his own tracks, and soon after his DJ career began in the mid '90s. Originally focused on Wittenberg's electronic music scene, Kajioka went on to DJ in Dessau and came to be based in the new techno capital of Berlin. Kajioka is best known for his releases Sparks and Thrill on Kanzleramt, as well as “Never Ending” on Cocoon. He now has a residency at Berns in Stockholm. His ...

November 21, 2013

D-Node 224: Aiken | Semantica + M_REC LTD

Spanish DJ/producer Aiken delivers a quality set that quickly jumps into a deep, atmospheric space with Mike Parker followed by a hypnotic Silent Servant track, slowly emerging into a harder run, to finish with the cool sounds of Aardvark's "1990." Influenced first by the Motor City, Aiken pulls from electro, IDM, and purer strains of techno influence to craft a particular point of view. He's grown in recognition as a producer these past few years, with releases on Suspiria Digital, Semanti...

February 9, 2013

Review: Interface 39 | Droid 10 Year

Media archiving Droid Behavior’s celebration of 10 years existence is now available. Interface 39 occurred on November 17th 2012. Special guest Marcel Dettman performed an extended set along with Droid residents Drumcell, Raiz and Dean Paul. Visuals by Oktaform. Video by: Frank Garcia Pictures CLICK HERE TO VIEW FULL SET ON FLICKR

November 8, 2012


For a decade Droid Behavior has pursued and realized its vision of techno in Los Angeles and beyond. The vinyl label, which features as well as develops international artists, has been supported and licensed by key players and groups in the music industry. Aside from the releases, Droid has pushed its message through alternative media such as podcasts, videos, and interviews, helping the group expand its global presence. All these transmissions as well dozens of releases and remixes have con...

March 6, 2012

Raíz and Audio Injection on Invite’s Choice

Tim van Paradijs runs the popular Invite's Choice Podcast out of Utrecht, where he recently featured a set from Raiz. This was the second Droid contribution to his podcast, as he first featured Audio Injection back in August 2011. We've embedded the two sets here for your listening/downloading pleasure. Tracklist 1. Tangtron - State of the Art B2 2. Logotech - Miumu 3. Psyk - Lowdown 4. Azada + Piltdown Sound - Robotdbub 5. Elektrabel - Before Ten 6. DJ Hi-Shock - Antimatter Tra...

February 29, 2012

D-Node 148: Dimi Angélis | A&S Traut NL

Dutch DJ/producer Dimi Angélis has made a name for himself as half of the live duo Counterpart with Jeroen Search, with whom he's released music on A&S Records. He's also behind Amsterdam's monthly underground Grasp parties. His set for D-Node progresses through a few moods, from a spacey, Millsian shuffle to a more insistent, jacking slam as well as deep synth explorations that linger in harder territory, all peppered with a few of the DJ's originals. [audio:http://droidbehavior.com...