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D-Node 226: Ray Kajioka | Kanzleramt + 1:53.2

Ray Kajioka

Named after Ray Charles, Ray Kajioka‘s early affinity for the piano/keyboard led him to realize he could produce his own tracks, and soon after his DJ career began in the mid ’90s. Originally focused on Wittenberg’s electronic music scene, Kajioka went on to DJ in Dessau and came to be based in the new techno capital of Berlin. Kajioka is best known for his releases Sparks and Thrill on Kanzleramt, as well as “Never Ending” on Cocoon. He now has a residency at Berns in Stockholm.

His mix for D-Node features contemporary techno, gathered around “The Ray Sound:” warm, driving, new, but rooted in the Detroit vibe.

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01_Rod – Hux
02_Matthew Styles – Liquid Sky
03_DVS1 – Searching
04_Floorplan – Chord Principle
05_Sammy Dee & Heiko Laux – Moonside Playground (hlxRe-Construct)
06_Psyk – Distane
07_Roman Poncet – Cerate
08_Nikola_Gala – Abnormal
09_Psyk – Arcade
10_M.Gervais – Pulsate (Truncate Remix)
11_Benjamin Damage – 010x (Truncate Remix)
12_Ø [Phase] – Distracted
13_Kane Roth – Something Special (Ray Kajioka Remix)
14_Marcel Dettmann – Rerun
15_Robert Hood – A Time To Rebuild
16_Heiko Laux – Souldancer (Ray Kajioka Remix)
17_EQD 005

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