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D-Node 148: Dimi Angélis | A&S Traut NL

Dutch DJ/producer Dimi Angélis has made a name for himself as half of the live duo Counterpart with Jeroen Search, with whom he’s released music on A&S Records. He’s also behind Amsterdam’s monthly underground Grasp parties. His set for D-Node progresses through a few moods, from a spacey, Millsian shuffle to a more insistent, jacking slam as well as deep synth explorations that linger in harder territory, all peppered with a few of the DJ’s originals.


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Staffan Linzatti – Prelude (Through the Looking Glass)
Stefan Vincent – Welder
Staffan Linzatti – On Who,s Behalf
Dimi Ang̩lis & Jeroen Search РUntitled (S100 Rmx)
Staffan Linzatti – Observation Station
Dimi Ang̩lis & Jeroen Search РUntitled
S100 – Murphy
Secluded – Dimension
Phase – Binary Opposition (Process 1)
Secluded – Dimension (Jonas Kopp Rmx)
Marcel Dettmann – Duel
Dimi Ang̩lis & Jeroen Search РMonopole
The Black Dog – Black Chamber Order (Blawan Rmx)
Developer – Sin Luz
Lucy – Wytonia
Unbalance – Raw & Love
Phil Kieran & Green Velvet – Free Yourself (Xhin Rmx)
Architectural – Looking Ahead

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