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D-Node 224: Aiken | Semantica + M_REC LTD


Spanish DJ/producer Aiken delivers a quality set that quickly jumps into a deep, atmospheric space with Mike Parker followed by a hypnotic Silent Servant track, slowly emerging into a harder run, to finish with the cool sounds of Aardvark’s “1990.” Influenced first by the Motor City, Aiken pulls from electro, IDM, and purer strains of techno influence to craft a particular point of view. He’s grown in recognition as a producer these past few years, with releases on Suspiria Digital, Semantica, M_REC LTD, and Lycaon, and his track “Dismal” was recently featured on Svreca’s limited mix CD “For Your Eyes Only.”


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Milton Bradley – “Psychotropic”
SS/S – “Siglo 4”
S100 – “Murphy”
Mike Parker – “Lustration One (Khonsu)”
Silent Servant -“Utopian Disaster (End)”
Tripeo – “First Trip”
Phase – “Misaligned”
A&S – “Species”
Benjamin Damage – “Delirium Tremens” (Benjamin Damage remix)
Zadig – “Beyond The Wall Of Sleep”
Talismann – “Mars Wars”
Recondite – “Cleric”
Unkone – “Tetsuo”
Marcel Dettmann – “Corebox” (James Ruskin remix)
Omar S – “Track #8”
Aardvarck – “1990”

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