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September 20, 2016

Out Now: Mirrored Selves | VRV.002

Artist: Subversive / Raiz / Permanent Heartbreak Title: Mirrored Selves Format: Cassette Tape/Digital Cat. No.: VRV.T002 Release Date: Sept 2016 Buy Cassette Tape Direct: Behavior Shop Buy Digital Files Direct: Beatport.com Tracks: Side 1. Subversive - Unwanted Reflection Raiz - Recognize Raiz - Realize Side 2. Permanent Heartbreak - Mirror Pt. 1 Permanent Heartbreak - Mirror Pt. 2 Permanent Heartbreak - Amending OVERVIEW: The second t...

February 2, 2015


Raiz / Permanent Heartbreak - Absence Of You Artist: Raiz / Permanent Heartbreak Title: Absence Of You Format: Vinyl/Digital Cat. No.: VRV004 Release Date:Feb 2014 Decks-Records | Beatport | Boomkat | Juno Tracks: A1. Without You B1. With me B2. Wont Change Me OVERVIEW: Continuing the label’s conceptual based release schedule, Raíz cooperate with social observer Permanent Heartbreak on the label's 4th vinyl release. The collaboration delves deep i...

August 18, 2014

Out Now: Permanent Heartbreak | VRV.T001

Artist: Permanent Heartbreak Title: Permanent Heartbreak Format: Cassette Tape/Digital Cat. No.: VRV.T001 Release Date:Aug/Sept 2014 Buy Cassette Tape Direct: Behavior Shop Tracks: Side 1. lauren(ce) disappoint sorry not sorry (Raíz remix) Side 2. in his words in her words feat. TAJ leave BIO: Permanent Heartbreak is the emotional driven music project by anonymous associates of the VRV label. These associates will express both posi...