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D-Node 219: Craft | Twice as Proper

NYC native Craft got started DJing as a teenager in the mid-’90s and by the end of the decade was also producing. In NYC he’s behind the Twice as Proper events, with over 250 shows in the past six years. Alongside international bookings and a run of releases and remixes across a long list of labels, Craft is recently and widely known for his Feed the Raver podcast show hosted with Jenny Arredondo, which features interviews with DJs from around the world.

This week Craft delivers a dark and deep techno set that fits perfectly here in the D-Node podcast. Full tracklist below.


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Mas Teeveh – Sublime Feeling Ov Eternity – [Micro.fon]
Miles – Rejoice – [Modern Love]
Chamomille – Metrotech (Craft Remix) – [De-Konstrukt]
Ness – Thought 1 – [Frames of Thought]
The Noisemaker – Glos – (Original mix) – [UTCH Records]
Sawf – Skotos (OriginalMmix) – [M_Rec]
Conforce – Last Anthem – [Delsin Records]
Planetary Assault Systems – No Exit – [Mote Evolver]
Luis Ruiz – Dilmun (Reeko remix) – [Kriill Music]
The Plant Worker – Gamma 03 (Original Mix) – [Unknown Territory]
Andrei Morant – The Prelude (Original Mix) – [Ill Bomb Records]
Mark Morris – Indysine (Future 16 Remix) – [Dystopian Rhythm]
Empty_Room – Shear Stress Formula (Original Mix) – [Eklero Records]
Splatter – Frozen Gazes (Original Mix) – [Kaputt]
Datura Dilema – Sistema Lejano – [Subsist Records]
Rene Walther – Temple Of The Mind (Virulent Remix) – [Dystopian Rhythm]
Garrett Dillon – Broken One (Craft Remix) – [Dystopian Rhythm]
Bodies in Pawn -Null (Joel Morgan Version) – [Blank Code]
Craft – Ignore Delete (Monktec Remix) – [De-Konstrukt]
Drumcell & Material Object – Strumpet (Material Object Beatless Tool) – [Blank Code]
onda Skillet – Cosmic Skywalker – [Aerotropic]
Duckhunter – Grenade (Craft Remix) – [Nosi Music]
Headliner – Wormhole Dreams (Original Mix)
DeepChord – Ocean Of Emptiness – [Modern Love]

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  • Craft says:

    Thanks for the support.

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