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D-Node 273: Ciren | 4 Track Records


Ciren is a Southern California based producer, resident DJ and curator at the prolific Technostate events with remixes on CLR and Mekanism Records (France). Forthcoming releases include an EP on 4 Track Records and a remix on Illegal Alien Records. He turns in a mix on the darker side, including his own remix of DJ Hyperactive.

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1. Radiance – Cryptik
2. Flexable – Mr. G
3. Broken Fridge – HD Substance
4. In Tension – Flug
5. Invisible Church – Tension
6. Reflect – TWR72
7. Ch1 – Progression
8. Journey to the Stars – Inigo Kennedy (Efdemin Remix)
9. Venus – DJ Hyperactive (Ciren Remix)
10. Early Life – Exium
11. Hammerhead – Plane Shifter (Subjected Remix)
12. Metropolis – Abstract Division (Trolley Route Remix)
13. Resolute – Alex Dolby
14. Whispers Of Love – Regal
15. Checking Controls – Tadeo
16. Fleuve noir – Arnaud Le Texier
17. Apollo 01 – Tadeo
18. Window Window – Tin Man, Cassegrain

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