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D-Node 227: Solenoid | Graphene


Paired with Solenoid’s Colony release on young label Graphene is a spaced-out characterization of Solenoid as “the narrator/observor of a planet controlled and afflicted” in “a future prophecy world, where the stark realization of armageddon is foretold.” This type of imagery informs a specific way of hearing and relating to the sounds out of the release and in subsequent mixes, but it masks the more interesting background of the man behind the project, Dave Ellesmere. Ellesmere began as a drummer in the hardcore punk band Discharge, recorded a guitar album for Earache Records, and worked with a number of projects before finding himself inspired by the sounds coming out of the American Midwest, followed by Europe’s own techno innovations. Today Ellesmere’s best known for releases on Kanzleramt, 100% Pure, and other labels. His latest label project is BELIEF SYSTEM with Diego Hostettler. It’s Ellesmere’s recent work as Solenoid that is nominally and aesthetically linked with our mix this week.


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1. Deepbass – Analysis X.Y.04
2. Joe Cocherell – Commerce Above All Else
3. Kwartz – Decadent Grey
4. Adam x – Navigational Shortcut
5. Attemporal – Att5 (Deep Space Helsinki rmx)
6. Monrella – Studio 1
7. NX1 – NX05 14
8. Phase – Distracted
9. Mick Finesse – They Sex Machines ( Perc rmx)
10. Oscar Mulero – Seleccion Natural prt 4 (Exium rmx)
11. Audio injection – No Key
12. James Ruskin – Detached
13. Coefficient – Scale Invariant Spectrum
14. Pfirter – Crash
15. Dax J – La Haine
16. David Meiser – Know Your Roots
17. Miki Craven – Rubrik 1
18. Patrick Walker – Black Star (cd-r)
19. Solenoid – Thou Art the Weakest Lamb

Selected Media

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