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D-Node 221: Philippe Petit | Decision Making Theory

Philippe Petit is originally from Brussels, Belgium. His background is in the rock scene of the ’80s, more specifically punk and metal. While playing the guitar in several bands and promoting the US punk/metal/hardcore scene on the Belgian National radio, he also started DJing. At first mainly eclectic music, hip hop and funk as well as some NY garage house, he then slowly shifted to deep house and techno, thanks mainly to Jeff Mills and the Detroit electronic musicians who opened his eyes to harder techno music. In late 1994, he moved to London and spent a lot of time exploring the underground London electronic scene. In 2010, he moved permanently to Chamonix, France, where he now focuses his energy on producing electronic music. Philippe is composing music mainly when the weather grounds him at home, infusing the dark atmosphere of the steep-sided mountain environment in his tracks. His sound is techno, Detroit influenced, hypnotic, dubby, always incorporating a funk element. He launched a vinyl label in September 2011 called Knotweed Records. Artists on the label so far include Myk Derill, Gonzalo MD, Myles Sergé, Opuswerk and Terrence Dixon. With too many unreleased tracks on his hands, he decided to launch a second label in January 2013: Decision Making Theory (DMT). His latest release on Decision Making Theory (the Elements E.P.) has just come out of the pressing plant and started to hit the shops. This week’s two-hour long vinyl-only mix goes through some of the tracks that he has been digging lately. Full tracklist below.


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Philippe Petit – Intro (Give) (Decision Making Theory 001)
Rolando – Filthy (Ostgut Ton 66)
Markus Suckut – Hunt (FIGSPC M)
Session Restore – Tracing (Rauh 003)
A&S – Combined Action (A&S 006)
Philippe Petit – Above (Knotweed Records 001)
Pfirter – Ahora (Mindtrip 003)
NX1 – MR1 (M_Rec 15)
Philippe Petit – DUST (Decision Making Theory 003)
Roman Poncet – Cerate (Truncate remix) (FIGSPC)
Thomas Hessler – Berlin Movement (Graphene 001)
Opuswerk – SU(n) (Knotweed Records 006)
Ben Sims – Strike (Machine 002)
Bleak – Ekko (Deeply Rooted House 037)
Philippe Petit – MUD (Decision Making Theory 003)
A&S – Species (M_Rec 18)
Oscar Mulero – Transversal (Sleeparchive remix) (Modularz 11)
Chris Colburn – Stick or Twist (Rohmaterial 001)
Philippe Petit – Take (Decision Making Theory 001)
Marco Zenker – Bouya (Illian Tape 019)
Mary Velo – Manhattan Project (Silant Servant remix) (Frozen Border 014)
Lee Holman – Kawl 3.0 (Kawl 003)
X501 – X501.7 (Krill Music 004)
Charlton – The Road to Emptiness (Cassegrain remix) (MORD 002)
Chris Sattinger – All is Forgiven, Please Come Home (Synewave 17)
Truncate – 31 (DJ Hyperactive remix) (Gynoid Audio 012)
Myk Derill – Growth Target (Knotweed Records 005)
Tadeo – Morse Processing (Another Intelligence 02)
Svida – Afraid Pt2 (Klap Klap 14)
Jeroen Search – The Future is Ours (FIGSPC P)
Philippe Petit – Scrape (Decision Making Theory 002)
Philippe Petit – AIR (Decision Making Theory 003)

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