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D-Node 199: Gonzalo MD | Knotweed

Argentine DJ/producer Gonzalo MD got his start as a DJ at the age of 16, developing a personal style fusing Detroit, dub, and darker techno. Currently resident DJ at the prominent Buenos Aires club Cocoliche, he’s released his first 12″ on French label Knotweed Records and has two vinyls forthcoming on new Berlin label Ressort Imprint, as well as another slated for Knotweed. His mix for D-Node this week gets various elements of his sound in, with a slower and deeper vibe evolving into a more high energy sound. It’s also filled with a plenty of his own releases and unreleased music.


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Myk Derill – Beyond [Knotweed Records]
Kaelan – Callout (Fundamental Interaction Remix) [CLFT]
Picon – Series #1 [Newrhythmic Records]
Gonzalo MD – Inner Conflict [Sonntag Morgen]
Myles Serge – Roller World (Mike Dehnert Remix) [6ONE6]
Audiolabor S Tek – Falloutparty (Dice Remix)
Strck – Ektan [Vinyl Forthcoming Ressort Imprint]
Gonzalo MD – Northern Light [Vinyl Forthcoming Ressort Imprint]
Aubrey – Dot (Ozka remix) [DOT 2]
Astronomical Telegram – Cataclysmic Variable [Prototype]
Roberto – Spring Times [Be As One]
Gonzalo MD – Dubious environment (Acid retrograde) [Unreleased]
Mike Dehnert – Unknow [Unknow]
Gonzalo MD – ModulDat [Vinyl Forthcoming Ressort Imprint]
Pacou – Sense [Tresor Records]
Myk Derill – Facial Features [Vinyl Forthcoming Knotweed Records]

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One Response to “D-Node 199: Gonzalo MD | Knotweed”

  • Colin Bain says:

    yeah excellent mix from Gonzalo MD thanks for the share.

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