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D-Node 115: DJ Dex | Submerge

DJ Dex AKA Nomadico has been working in techno for well over a decade. An LA-native, he used his talent behind the decks to earn a place among Detroit’s legendary Underground Resistance crew. Dex has played shows EVERYWHERE and released music on Underground Resistance, Submerge, Transmat, Ican Productions, and more. Through his mixes and productions, Dex takes the classic Detroit sound and expands it toward new frontiers in funk.


Dex chose five tracks from the set to highlight. Full tracklist below.

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Shawn Rudiman – Dark Message (Technoir Audio)
This one by Pittsburgh’s techno badass has everything. It swings hard, has ignorantly funky synth work and subtle strings. It really captures Shawn’s talent for making dense yet functional dance music.

El Coyote – Santisimo (Sin Dub) (Ican Productions)
Since moving back to L.A. I’m trying to kick the El Coyote project with Esteban Adame into high gear. I believe this unreleased remix for our “El Coyote EP” will do some damage when dropped at the right moment. If all goes well, this will be on vinyl sometime in 2011.

Tyrone Davis – Animator (Dance Mania)
This is classic Dance Mania. Raw, jacking beats with just enough
bubbly bass to make it cross over from jacking house to Techno.
When it comes to 4/4 this is the sound that never dies for me.

Nomadico – Revuelta
Just as the name implies, this is a mix of styles. I made this with a signature UR-style bassline combined with some modern production techniques. Hopefully Mad Mike will agree to release it!

Santiago Salazar – Retiro (Historia y Violencia)
This is brand new, but it has a timeless feel to it. Santiago really hit on something here and this closes out the mix with an identical vibe to the first track in the mix – Andre Holland’s classic “Inversions.”

01. Andre Holland “Inversions” Underground Resistance
02. WAX 3003B
03. Shawn Rudiman “Dark Message” Technoir Audio
04. Roska & Untold “Long Range” Numbers
05. Nomadico “Lo Que Sea” unreleased
06. Jeff Mills “Protection” Axis
07. El Coyote “Santisimo (Sin Dub)” Ican Productions
08. Black Tokyo feat. Esteban Adame “Shadow Dancing” Puzzlebox
09. The Soulshapes “Keep On (Main Mix)” Real Tone Records
10. WAX 3003A
11. Model 500 “Huesca” R&S
12. Tyrone Davis “Animator” Dance Mania
13. Robert Hood “Clash” M-Plant
14. Disco Nihilist “Relentless Drums” Construction Paper
15. Nomadico “Revuelta” unreleased
16. Kyle Hall “Dances with a Sun Goddess” Wild Oats
17. Santiago Salazar “Retiro” Historia y Violencia

Selected Media:

Scion A/V Presents: UR DJ Assault Squad from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

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23 Responses to “D-Node 115: DJ Dex | Submerge”

  • Arturo says:

    Dex excelente set, buen techno y buenas mezclas….

  • John949 says:

    Very nice

  • sax says:

    keep up the quality sets

  • sierra says:

    interesting mix

  • aldo bully says:

    more please

  • tmaz says:

    nihilist track

  • ericson says:

    2 weeks later and i still like it.

  • martine says:


  • avaro says:

    cool site and cool mix. need more sets like this so i can hang

  • Kate Naftzger says:

    Awesome mix….keep it up

  • max man says:


  • bonadio says:

    You must be a genius

  • johnb says:

    nice looking site

  • 離婚問題 says:


  • steam1465 says:

    such commitment

  • koalahead says:

    mixin the old with the new good shit!

  • koalahead says:

    MFing TYRONE!!!!!

  • HUMAN says:


  • paige says:

    enjoyed this one quite a bit

  • danyell says:

    post could use a little more orange….looks a little dull. cool mix though.

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