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Out Now: DROID.12 | K. Geiger + B. Dowell – TIGER WALL EP


Kyle Geiger + B. Dowell – Tiger Wall EP
Remixes by Edit-Select | Speedy J | Mark Morris | Material Object

Available now in digital format on Beatport
and where all Vinyl is sold.


A1. Kyle Geiger / Bobby Dowell – Tiger Wall (original mix)
A2. Kyle Geiger / Bobby Dowell – Tiger Wall (Material Object remix)
B1. Kyle Geiger / Bobby Dowell – Tiger Wall (Edit Select remix / Speedy J edit)
B2. Kyle Geiger / Bobby Dowell – Tiger Wall (Mark Morris mix)


Droid Recordings has always focused on presenting domestic talent. The latest EP’s contributors are no exception. Kyle Geiger of Drumcode fame teams up with longtime collaborator and friend Bobby Dowell. They both reside in the techno’s simmering hotbed, the American Midwest. They are among North America’s chosen few still representing techno in the place where they were raised and influenced rather then adding themselves to the over-saturated European scene. Both their world travels and a deep connection to the place they call home inform their latest offering, TIGERWALL, a track inspired by Detroit Music Festival delirium. Geiger and Dowell combine their approach to sequencing and sound design to produce a unique techno cut with slight hints of psychedelia and funk reminiscent of Tronic releases. The flawless percussion and droning synth work build for a perfect 7 minute tension case. By the end of the track crowds will have transcended beyond normal dance-floor territory.

Material Object, who has already appeared on Droid remix duties to stellar reviews, turns in a clanging rendition of the original. The energy is taken up a few notches and an industrial swing is added to the final mix for heavy hitting results.

Droid is honored to host 2 of the biggest names in techno history and no doubt the most renowned of the label’s remix roster, Edit Select (Percy X) and Speedy J. The final product of this song is taken from an edit Speedy J made from Edit Select’s remix specifically for live shows. The end result is a sub sonic journey into the nautical depths of techno experimentation. Slow building oscillations and rhythmic beeps move the track along slowly yet forcefully into the minds of audiences and DJ’s alike. Hypnotic.

Techno’s latest maverick, Mark Morris debuts on Droid with a brilliant rendition that is sure to rattle, bump and hiss through the floor of any festival, club, etc that DJ’s dare to unleash it on. Morris turns up the sonic energy to a maximum yet manages to maintain the fundamental groove of the original. The well paced development of this mix is certainly worth taking note of.

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16 Responses to “Out Now: DROID.12 | K. Geiger + B. Dowell – TIGER WALL EP”

  • Vidal Vargas says:

    Garnica (Trenton, Radio LAE)
    Weird but interesting

    Jonas Kopp (Curle)
    Speedy J Mix for me!!! Nice futuristic and dark techno!

    Juan Pablo Pfirter
    Thanks,nice release. Speedy J remix for me.

    Northern Rivers Echo / The Indoor Sessions
    good to see another droid release!

    Electric Indigo
    very smart edit select / speedy j mix, my favorite version. also like mark morris’ mix and the original. nice one!

    Peter Van Hoesen
    Edit Select/Speedy J remix is the one for me. Doesn’t mean the other are less powerful though… top release.

    Estroe ( Connaisseur Recordings, Mezzotinto )
    will try out the original, thanks

    Armin Van Buuren
    very cool!!

    Joris Voorn (Green)
    I like tigerwal and speedy’s mix!

    Speedy J (Collabs feat Chris Liebing & Speedy J/Collabs feat. George Issakidis & Speedy J/Electric Deluxe)
    shout out to percy! xj

    Daniel Mumbling Sanchez (Remote Area,Casbah rec!,)
    great speedy j remix for me!

    Darko Esser ( Wolfskuil, Doornroosje, Merleyn )
    Jochem is killing it!!!

    Dj Carlio Lio
    really cool pack…all mixes are phat

    Tom Hades (Rhythm Convert(ed))
    Speedy J’s remix is really nice ! Thanks !

    Jesse Somfay (Archipel)
    This thing slays. Speedy J Remix especially.

    Ed (Pro-Tez)
    Tigerwall !!

    Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four)
    This one is very good. Play and chart for February!

    Material Object mix is nice. Will play.

    Samuli Kemppi (Prologue)
    Uhh, Speedy J mix is brilliant. Will play this one a lot. Thanks!

    Laurent Garnier
    very strong indeed – Will hammer this

    Arnaud Le Texier
    Will play Speedy J remix

    cool ep

    Terence Fixmer (Electric Deluxe)
    wow wow wow/// speedy is psychopath !

    Paco Osuna ( Plus 8 )
    thank you will try it 🙂

    Pig & Dan (Cocoon Recordings)
    Speedy mix spins me around / What a trip thats all i can say

    Angel Molina ( Sonar / Tresor )
    good mental and industrial techno, speedy´s rmx the onle I´ll play the most. Thank you!

    rock solid and well put together..very good indeed!

    Xpansul (Ovum Recordings)
    Nice release. Edit Select mix for me. Thx!

    Pär Grindvik (Par Grindvik)
    feeling 123, great package! thanks

    Tim Xavier (Tim Xavier and Camea/Ltd 400/Manmade Mastering/Clink Recordings)
    Techno! That what this is….. the tracks are a bit disposable and of the norm, but yet crafty and well produced

    Ostgut (Groove Magazine)
    will check

    Christopher Bleckmann (Niederflur)
    always into DROIDS stuff. speedy j mix is excellent.

    Axel Bartsch (Sportclub Music) (Axel Bartsch)
    yes, powerful techno here. original and mark morris mix are phat.

    Alex Bau
    material object mix my fav.

    Beim Speedy J Mix springt der Funke definitiv über. Ultra minimaler Driver.

    Len Faki (Len Series, Berghain) (Ostgut Ton)
    deep down head grooves here. material object and speedy j mix are great!

    Oliver Huntemann (Ideal Audio)
    Original of Tigerwall is my favourite. Gonna try this weekend.

    Derek Plaslaiko (Spectral Sound)
    What a release! The whole thing kicks ass! LOVE it! Thank you!

    Marc Romboy
    Speedy J convinces me again, woooooooaaaaaaaawwwww!!!

    Tommy Four Seven (Electric Deluxe)
    Material Object and Edit/Jochem’s edit are dope!

    DJ Emerson (Micro.fon)
    really diggin this. thanks

    Todd Burns (Resident Advisor)

    Adam Beyer (Truesoul/Mad Eye/Drumcode)
    Speedy J remix is nice and heady. perfect for the deeper caves.

    Kyle Geiger (Drumcode)

    Jamie Anderson
    Good release – will be playing the original and speedy J mix

    Phil Kieran (Cocoon Recordings/Soma Records)
    nice ,, speedy j mix for me please !

    Perc (Perc Trax, CLR, Ovum)
    KG & Bodo with a big release. Original, Speedy J and Material Object mixes are all good, thanks.

    Mark EG (Tilllate Magazine)
    speedy’s mix rocks it!

    Space DJz
    Absolutely massive release, Kyle and Bobby are on fire… Original and speedy’s edit for me…

    James Ruskin (Blueprint/O/V/R/Mark Broom & James Ruskin)
    Speedy j Mix for me ..Thanks!!!

    Atomic Jam
    REALLY nice package, feeling the original, Jochem and Marks mixes…will definitely play

    Slam (Soma Records)
    playing these – great remixes – thanx

    Tigerwall is slammin!!!

    Sam Allman (FWD)
    love every track, speedy j mix is my fav. on some blade runner shit

    Echologist (Steadfast) (Echologist)
    solid! will def be giving these a spin.

    Dustin Zahn (Enemy Records) (Dustin Zahn)
    love the Material Object and Edit-Select/Jochem remixes!

    Eric Cloutier (Resident Advisor)
    enjoying the speedy j edit of edit select’s remix.

    Ambivalent (Minus)
    I’ll definitely play the Original and the Speedy J mix.

    Noice Podcast Series
    Such a cool up and coming Label… Looook out world… here comes Los Angeles on the Electronic scene….. Tigerwall is sick

    mark morris mix – crisp and spacious

    Alland Byallo (Nightlight Music)
    Speedy J mix for me. Dope EP!

    Bryan Zentz ( Plus 8 )
    gooood shit from the homies. tough remixes (esp the brutal mark morris mix) but the original is definitely my fave. thanks
    Audio Injection (Audio Injection & Drumcell/Droid Recordings)
    been hammering these for a while now, sick stuff, go droid! 🙂

    Danny Howells (Global Underground)
    Wow, amazing stuff and that Speedy J mix is bomb!!

    Tony Rohr (Clink, Weave) (John Selway & Tony Rohr/Tony Rohr)
    Lurrrrrrrrving the original. Nice work guys.

    Maetrik / Maceo Plex (Mothership, Dumb Unit, Crosstown Rebels, Treibstoff)
    Straight Techno!

    Donnacha Costello
    Tigerwall has that original Midwest/Kanada feel I remember so well from Fred Gianelli and all the classic Plus8 stuff and yet it’s totally modern and un-retro . Solid stuff, guys, I’ll be playing this for sure! Original and Speedy J remix are the ones for me but overall this a really strong pack and a great addition to a great catalog. Props!

    Max (M_Rec Ltd)
    love the Original mix and Edit-Select/Speedy J remixes!

    great package,will support for sure!

    Lucy (Lucy & Ercolino)
    Edit Select and Speedy J one is the winner. Pick of the bunch for me. Will road test in Berghain tonight.

    Satoshi Fumi
    Speedy J mix for me.deeep!

  • l sapie says:

    awesome release

  • krieton says:

    nice lay out

  • kate hsob says:

    subbed to the rss feed

  • Joaquin says:

    hell of a one sheet

  • shamsteeeezy says:


  • kimberly says:

    as if

  • fwild says:

    putting this on my ipod

  • lacey b says:

    reposted it on my own blog

  • leesman says:

    another kick ass release

  • Charlie Sheen sounds like a hero..

  • Faith Fengler says:

    lookin forward to hearing this out

  • crossfitted says:

    Charlie really needs to get himself or at least one of his personalities checked into rehab.

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