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November 6, 2017

D-Node 302: Raíz | VRV

D-node breaks the silence with a varied mix by the podcast's curators, Raíz. After years of publishing countless techno sets from every corner of the globe from up and coming artists and established veterans alike there seemed to be very few places left to go and even less truly new and exciting music to share. D-node went on hiatus while the Droid and VRV members took a collective step back to hone in their skills in other areas of sound and production. Now nearly 12 months later a careful...

June 23, 2015


CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO CLIPS DROID.20 LUIS FLORES - Static Forces Available now on digital and where all Vinyl is sold. Tracks: A1. Luis Flores – Negative Pressure B1. Luis Flores - Surface Tension OVERVIEW: Droid Behavior’s Luis Flores comes through with a 2-track ace for the label’s 20th vinyl release, Static Forces. Negative Pressure (A1) starts off with a brewing undercurrent of bass and hypnotically builds into a dizzied cavern of competing sonic force...

February 18, 2015


CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO CLIPS DROID.19 FLUG - Cognitive Process Available now on digital and where all Vinyl is sold. Tracks: A1. Flug – Experiences B1. Flug - Senses OVERVIEW: Droid Recordings presents a new 2-tracker from the talented Argentian producer Flug. “Cognitive Process” burrows through the listener’s subconscious, starting on the A side with “Experience,” a polyrhythmic vortex driven by a buzzing, 2-pitch motif. “Senses” builds hypnoticall...

July 22, 2014

Droid Behavior presents PRIME w/ Deraout + Cell Injection | 7.31

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July 17, 2014

D-Node 251: Simo Lorenz | Driving Forces

Simo Lorenz is a rising force on the German stage, a resident at Stuttgart's Lehman Club and previously a resident at ToY. His specialty is multi-hour journeys ranging from hypnotic, deep techno to harder dancefloor movements. Adding to his existing releases are upcoming work on Illegal Alien and Drowne Records to look out for. In the meantime he shares this set for D-Node, compressing the terrain of his longer sets into an effective one-hour format. Tracklist below. [audio:http://droi...

June 3, 2014


CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO CLIPS DROID.18 Raíz – Struggle Available now on digital and where all Vinyl is sold. Tracks: A1. Raíz – Struggle Pt. 1 A2. Raíz – Struggle Pt. 2 B1. Raíz – Vindicate B2. Raíz - Trilliance OVERVIEW: "Without struggle there is no progress" A lesson over four movements. Raíz returns on Droid with a follow up from Keep Secrets and Degrees of Motion EP's. Originally conceptualized some years ago during live PA's, The Struggle has ...

January 24, 2014


Interface series returns to New York, courtesy of Output Club. Drumcell, Raiz, Truncate, DJ Hyperactive and Oktaform will perform. limited presales also here at http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?550782 CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO ON RA CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO ON FB