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D-Node 108: Mikael Stavöstrand Live at Superfreq LA

Droid presents Swedish minimalist Mikael Stavöstrand‘s live set from this summer’s Superfreq event. Stavöstrand’s made his name over the years as both an experimentalist and a minimal club producer, and his tracks and remixes have become a mainstay of record collections and charts among his industry peers.

The Superfreq set showcases 95 minutes of Stavöstrand’s hypnotic minimalism. He also answered a few quick questions about the set, his recent move to L.A., and his career past/present/future.


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Droid: Looking back through your catalogue, are there any releases that you see as milestones in your career?

Mikael Stavöstrand: I would say my first release on Force Inc. since that was my first techno record, and it was on a big player in the scene as well.

D: When did you make the move to Los Angeles?

MS: Well I’ve been in LA for 2 years because of my fiance… and I really
like it. I’ve made loads of good friends over the years.

D: How has your experience of LA compared with your previous home bases?

MS: I think it’s pretty good… of course for such a big city it is pretty small, but there are lots of thing hapening all the time… for sure one of the best places in the US for the scene.

D: Where was this set recorded? Describe that night.

MS: It’s from Superfreq at Avalon/Bardot in Los Angeles last month. I am really happy that Mr C. invited me to play his night. It’s an after hours, and I played around 5-6 am which is pretty late for LA… all in all it was great night with Superfreq residents Biiba Scuba and Xo-Chic.

D: This was a live show. What’s your setup in terms of gear/software?

MS: Right now I am only using the basics, Ableton Live and a MIDI
controller. I want to integrate more equipment for my sets, like a
drum machine and a small synth. Working on that..

D: What’s in the works for the rest of the year / 2011?

MS: I’ve been doing a lot of remixes lately, all these are coming out on
different labels, so finally I have time to focus more on my own
productions. I am working on a couple of new EPs, hopefully an
album for 2011. Planning a Europe tour in November / December etc.

I also re-started my label Sunset Diskos, which has been sleeping for the last 2 years, so have I lots of interesting gems coming out there in
the next months..

Upcoming releases fall 2010:
Money Talks Remixes // Mikael Stavöstrand & Franco Cinelli // Sunset
Diskos // 2010
Your Skin // Vita // Foundation // 2010
Dig Down // Vita // Adjunct // 2010

Hijacker РAfterhours (Mikael Stav̦strand Remix) // Bombis // 2010
Les Freres Royale РLove Store (Mikael Stav̦strand Remix) // Emote // 2010
Dilo РWaheyra (Mikael Stav̦strand Remix) // Igloo // 2010
DEVELOPEr РEdificio (Mikael Stav̦strand Remix) // Modularz // 2010
Balcazar РMovida De Nervios (Mikael Stav̦strand Remix) // Blaq 2010
Christian Burkhardt & Einzelkind РMadison Man (Mikael Stav̦strand Remix) // Retrospect // 2010
Kriss РMirage (Mikael Stav̦strand Remix) // Mussen Project Records // 2010

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