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D-Node 104: Taimur | Blkmarket Membership

A major force in the NYC scene, Taimur is one of the city’s most active tech-house DJs and along with Fahad heads up Blk|market Membership, producing countless club and warehouse events with some of techno’s top talent. Taimur works at Brooklyn’s Halcyon record shop as a buyer, giving him access to the latest music and further extending his influence over the city’s sound. He was also recently appointed Musical Director and resident DJ at DISTRICT 36, a club set to open this September.

For this installment of D-Node, Taimur has put together a 3-hour selection that builds from deep atmospheres and moves through thick house and heavy basslines. Below, Taimur pulls out and explains a few of his track selections.


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1. DJ Linus – K.B’s Groove – Tyrant (Track 26 on the mix)
This is one of my all time favorite DJ Linus tracks. Would hear Tyrant play it all the time . Amazing release and something that’s timeless. Never gets old and always in my record box.

2. Maurizio – M5 – M-Series (Track 5 on the mix)
This Maurizio release is just one of the M-Series releases. Each release is like its own special weapon. This particular weapon of choice is just what I use to start getting things in a chuggy mode. Im a big fan of Moritz Von Oswald. In my opinion he is a true genius in the art of the bassline.

3. Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson – The Clock (Ben Klock Remix) – Rekids
(Track 35 on the mix)
Rekids has some fantastic remixes, and this one in particular is roaring and very mental! A very dark journey with a dark sinister bassline, that is slow pitched. Definitely one of Ben Klock’s best remixes ever. Quality!

4. Jacek Sienkiewicz – Pilgrim – White Label (Track 7 on the mix)
This track has such a big appeal to me as it reminds me of the late Pakistani Sufi folk singer, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. My father was a big fan of his music, and I would always hear his voice back then on television, cassette tapes and CDs. He was a very strong figure and his songs had very spiritual feelings. Nusrat has even collaborated with artists as Peter Gabriel and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. The vocals on this record remind me so much of Nusrat’s songs it’s amazing. There is also a Ricardo Villalobos remix on the flip side of this record, but it’s the Jacek Sienkiewicz version that is the true cut.

5. Joey Anderson – Thee Analysis – Strength Music (Track 24 on the mix)
This comes straight from our New York Music scene. This was the first time I ever heard of Joey Anderson on this various artists e.p on Strength Music. The speech that [Scott-Heron] says on this track goes so well with the dark chuggy bassline. An essential record I never leave home without.

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