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Out Now: Droid.10 – Audio Injection – Exit Strategy EP


Audio Injection – Exit Strategy EP
Remixes by Luis Flores, Ambivalent, Acid Circus

Available now in digital format on Beatport
and where all Vinyl is sold.

Droid hit maker David Flores AKA Audio Injection has become one of the West Coast’s most prolific techno producers in 2010 with releases on Timefog, Enemy, Subsensory, 4track, Impact Mechanics, Droid, Recordings, and an upcoming remix with production partner Drumcell on, CLR.  Well known for his collab work with Drumcell, Audio Injection comes  into his own on Droid 10 with remixes by Luis Flores, Acid Circus and Ambivalent.

“Normal World” gets the EP started with a classic rolling bass line and a building analog riff in triplets.  The opener is stark, heady, and heavy, that unmistakable warehouse sound. The title track “Exit Strategy” ebbs and flows with a dark atmosphere carrying the listener through low end growls and space verb clangs. On the flip side “I’ve Fallen” pushes an addictive rhythm track that evolves alongside heavy bass, techno mono synths, and the twisted chorus “can’t get up.”

Luis Flores reworks “Exit Strategy” from a tempered builder to a funky hoover bass workout, RZ-1 clap and all.  Acerbic synth lines creep in an out of the 7-minute sequence and into the listener’s subconscious.

Acid Circus ups the ante on this reinterpretation of “Normal World,” a high energy mix. Crisp noise, tribal grooves, and thick analog synths all find their place on this thundering dance-floor explosion.  Flange back hats and reversed subliminal messages fill out the atmosphere.

Minus henchman Ambivalent injects a dose of a minimal funk into the “I’ve Fallen” mix. A hypnotizing vocal riff surfaces throughout the mix, accompanied by a shuffling rims-hot and intensely provocative sonic saturation.

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13 Responses to “Out Now: Droid.10 – Audio Injection – Exit Strategy EP”

  • Vidal Vargas says:

    United Kingdom
    Lee Pattison (Tilllate Magazine)

    “Proper techno business. We like these alot…thank you.” Deepgroove (Cocoon/Harthouse)

    DJ Hal (EQ Magazine)


    Found Sounds (Dj Mag)

    …in a minute

    Xavier Morel (Posivision)

    fantastik ep,i will play all!!! love droid label

    Kristian Dando (IDJ)

    Pretty useful! Heavy.

    Mark EG (Tilllate Magazine)


    Derek Taylor (Tilllate Magazine)

    an outstanding release!! favourites are the 2 mixes of Exit Strategy, especially the original mix Really creeps up on you. Cheers Derek

    James Ruskin (Blueprint/O/V/R/Mark Broom & James Ruskin)

    A2 for me. Cheers.

    Luke Slater (Planetary Assault Systems)

    A2 tickles me fancy,cheers

    Space DJz

    Audio Injection is on fire at the moment, Techno Midas touch.. love it all, will play and support

    Perc (Perc Trax, CLR, Ovum)

    Both mixes of Exit Strategy do it for me. Less shuffle more grind! Thanks.

    The Black Dog

    Lovely heads down stuff, will be using in mixes.

    John Digweed (Renaissance)

    good stuff

    Dennis Romero (LA Weekly)

    Good stuff. Nice to see L.A. representing in a scene dominated by Berlin.

    Vidal (Acid Circus/Droid Recordings)

    normal world both mixes and ive fallen…holy shit these are heavy :X

    Paul Daily (DJ Times)

    Ive Fallen is a funky, hard killer. Rest of the EP is solid as well. Thanks.

    Echologist (Steadfast) (Echologist)

    exit strategy and I’ve fallen are the one’s I’m likely to drop. danke.

    Someone Else (Foundsound/Butane + Someone Else)

    the ambivalent rmx is neat.

    DVS1 (Klockworks, Transmat, HUSH)

    B1 and the acid circus remix for me. Thanks!

    Danny Tenaglia



    downloading thanks

    Dustin Zahn (Enemy Records) (Dustin Zahn)

    Loving the originals, been playing them for a while.

    Paco Osuna ( Plus 8 )

    thank you i will try it

    Benoît Carretier (Tsugi)

    not my fave

    MCD magazine / WTM radio show

    de retour… 🙂

    Terence Fixmer (Electric Deluxe)

    wow !! every track!

    Laurent Garnier

    super funky “hood” stylee arse shaking tracks ….

    Jonas Kopp (Curle)

    A2 is fat!

    Dj Mag Italy


    DJ Nori (Posivision)

    A1, B1, both digital trax are awesome! best for peak time set.

    Christian Kausch (Partysan/Broque)

    Sehr cool. Teste ich am Wochenende!

    Tommy Four Seven (Electric Deluxe)

    Great package, my fav being Ive fallen, nice!

    http://www.partysan.net (Partysan Berlin)

    Techno Heavyweight! Maybe review online.

    DJ MPLeary (Raveline)

    wow…great…nothing more to say!!!

    subculture SchwarzwaldBaarBodensee


    Chris Liebing (CLR)


    Richie Hawtin (Minus)

    downloaded for r hawtin

    Timo Maas (Cocoon Recordings)

    serious stuff! downloading for timo – A1 & B1 sound phat steve parry

    Pär Grindvik (Par Grindvik)

    cool package, thanks!

    Christopher Bleckmann (Niederflur)

    really, love them all! perfect release!

    Butane (Alphahouse/Butane + Someone Else/Crosstown Rebels)


    Len Faki (Len Series, Berghain) (Ostgut Ton)

    heavy package, not sure for the moment which one (s) are the best, but a1 +b2 are dope for sure!

    Adam Beyer (Truesoul/Mad Eye/Drumcode)

    Great tunes, will play and support!


    b2 is a killer!

    Tom (Gonzo Circus Magazine)

    This EP could easily evoke a new Californian earthquake… ‘I’ve Fallen’ is my fav, but the percussion in Acid Circus’ remix of ‘Normal World’ got me more than groovin’ as well.

    Speedy J (Collabs feat Chris Liebing & Speedy J/Collabs feat. George Issakidis & Speedy J/Electric Deluxe)

    really strong package! lots to choose from!

    Joris Voorn (Green)

    Luis Flores!!

  • vik cn says:

    Well said, you just earned another subscriber

  • bourn says:

    Good Morning , I just stopped in to visit your blog and thought I’d say thank you .

  • A bit more staight ahead… likin all of em. Seeing a pattern here…keep it goin !!

  • jon fullera says:

    Blogging keeps me sane. Keep up all the work.

  • hoss x says:

    trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name

  • Hipolito ` says:

    Can you make it happen ?

  • Lonna Moldonado says:

    I am just pleased that I have found this unique blog post right now from the beginning when I am merely getting into grappling !

  • Nastasia says:

    I’m grateful for you because of this fantastic articles. You truly did make my day :

  • Sweed says:

    oh no, why is my 5 crashing everythime I click a picture on this page??

  • Enrique Snellings says:

    Well what can I say? great post and I completely agree with you on all points and I am thinking about adding a link on my blog to your blog post because its that good.

  • Gary Edwards says:

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