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D-Node 106: Clement Meyer | Get The Curse

While juggling music production, DJ residencies (France / UK), label management and meticulous blog write-ups for the revered site and vinyl label GET THE CURSE, Clement Meyer honorarily earns himself the title of busiest man in Paris…for electronic music anyway.

In 2007 he teamed up with 5 of his of techno and house loving friends (including past DNODE guest Ed Isar) with “an unconditional love for dirty dance floors and evil records” to form the mix and EP review blog www.getthecurse.com As a natural progression for most music aficionados, the site became label and the dj/writers became producers.

Clement gives us a 60 minute taste of the French underground nightlife with this flawless of mix “dark house and decadent electro” tinged techno and minimal for our 106th installment of DNODE. He has also been kind enough to provide a track listing and selected track break down for all trainspotters out there. Turn on tune in and drop out.


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Track Commentary

Mikael Stavostrand – Purple Sweatpants
Not a big surprise for people who follow my work. I’ve been a Stavostrand addict for a long time. I’ve finished a remix for him (under his “vita” moniker ) to be released on Fondation Rec. It is SO pleasant to remix such music.

Darabi – Top Drop
They’re from France and they represent the new French scene. They will release their first EP on my own label Get The Curse (with roman flügel and le loup remix). I love their artistic vision, it’s often
slower and more disco than mine but definitely as twisted as I like.

Kink – Don’t Stop
One of my favorite tracks this year so far. It’s so simple, so old school but the production is just perfect. I’ve played it all the time these last few months.

Jordan Dare- Trapped in Light
I’ve known Jordan Dare’s music for many years. His latest track sounds very electro but in a good way. I ‘m still a fan.

Boris Brejcha – Express Myself
Typically the kind of producer out of the hype, almost out of the business but with a very strong musical identity. That’s why I’m always digging his productions. His latest LP is full of Techno
anthems, I can play easily 6 tracks of this album!


1 – Rowdent – Elephant K
2 – Nihil Young – From Scratch (Ascion & D Carbone remix)
3 – Clouded Vision – Future Furies (People Get Real remix)
4 – Mikael Stavostrand – Purple Sweatpants
5 – Kink – Don’t Stop
6 – Heatthrob – In my Rooms
7 – Automaton UK – British Steel (Alex Smoke remix)
8 – Darabi – Top Drop
9 – Click Click & Microbodies – Der Sich Nen Wolf Tanz
10 – Jordan Dare – Trapped in Light
11 – Boris Brejcha – Express Myself
12 – Avus – Poppy

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9 Responses to “D-Node 106: Clement Meyer | Get The Curse”

  • cmpinmsp says:

    SIMPLY DEVASTATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;o)

  • mason says:

    Great podcast, guys. Clement is on top of his game.

  • Ed Isar says:

    Nice one! Historic moment, Clement is actually giving us a complete tracklist for his mix, good stuff.

  • t says:

    I’m definitely bookmarking this site.

  • Mashareddik says:

    помогите советом!!!Курортный роман имеет продолжение
    Вчера мой ГМ пришел нетрезвый,начал на меня наезжать. То не так,это не так. Слово за слово,он наорал:”Я вообще с тобой,пока другую даму не встретил!” Обидно,конечно. НО! Он живет у меня,приехал в Москву из Орловской обл. 2 года уже. Расписываться я не хотела – мало ли что,наслушалась. И вот,пожалуйста! Ляпнул! Что у трезвого на уме,то у опьяневшего на языке! Точно! Утром силой забрала ключи,сказала,что вещи ему соберу и отдам. Он сделал круглые глаза,что ничего не помнит,не мог такого заявить. Как противно! Мерзкий лицемер! Теперь названивает каждые 5 минут. Что вечером будет,не знаю!

  • lemir says:

    ok got it

  • eewq says:

    boom chica wowow

  • Lyss says:

    I can’t get enough of this podcast, Bravo Clement!!

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