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Out Now: Droid.Digi.04 – xfive – Instillation EP


Featuring Debut by xfive
Remixes by Paul Mac, Drumcell

Available now in digital format on Beatport

Los Angeles transplant via Virginia, Chris Thomas aka xfive debuts his first true techno EP on Droid Digital. Chris is a man of many monikers with releases and collaborations on Voidloss’s techno / grime label SINGULARITY as Villian and dark electro noise under his own name C Thomas. As xfive, Chris brings a unique spin to Droid’s signature sound with deeper references to Chicago and Detroit including lush synth work and stark drum programming on his “Instillation EP.”

On remix duties, Chris has commissioned long time friend and UK techno legend Paul Mac of Stimulus / Primate / Theory fame and Droid Label head Drumcell. Paul takes a slightly militant approach on his interpretation of “Instiller” for heavier club deployment. Drumcell thickens up the mix on his revision of this future classic.

Track A ‘Confluence’ is Basic Channel-influenced dub techno complete with echo chords and tight percussion grooves that hinting towards house. Crisp production and mid tempo pacing make this perfect for opening / closing duties and leeway to pensive territory.

The title track ‘Instiller’ flips the script with dissonant, bone-chilling synth work and heavier drums pacing throughout the 8 minutes of pure techno bliss. This track is for fans of the long mix with plenty of rises and falls that keep things interesting on the dancefloor.

Paul Mac injects both hi-fidelity and sonic muscle into his version of ‘Instiller.’ The strong groove becomes noticeable with its frontal crash cymbals, offbeat stabs and peppering of 303s across the mix. Paul retains the best elements from the original and toughens them up with booming bass and sharp percussion that will keep crowds moving to the early morning in any situation.

Drumcell layers the originals main groove and dissonance over a battle hardened drum lines. His attention to sound design detail and synth wash intricacies move this 7 minute epic along smoothly until the break down leaves listeners suspended in mid air. 32 bars later the bass kicks back in and slams those same listeners back into submission.

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4 Responses to “Out Now: Droid.Digi.04 – xfive – Instillation EP”

  • Vidal Vargas says:


    Steve Parker
    Pure Droid Techno!! All mixes are excellent
    but i go now for Drumcell remix and
    original…very good work !!!

    Adam Jay
    Drumcell Remix and Confluence are the
    tracks for me. Very nice.

    Henry Chow
    Really dig the Originals.

    really like the original Instiller track
    here….Once it gets going the chords are so
    nice for my vibe…the remixes are nice as
    well, but I’m stcking to the original!

    nice one, will give airplay.

    Original tracks are strong but I prefer the
    Paul Mac & Drumcell mixes. Nice to see
    Paul on the label. I’ll be supporting.

    Material Object
    Digging the Drumcell mix

    Instiller is an amazing track. Drumcell remix
    is equally dope. Fantastic release. Full
    support, I’ll definitely wear this out.

    Drumcell Remix! Paul Mac Remix is also

    Adam Beyer
    nice ep, like original + both remixes

    Tim Xavier
    Good stuff…..downloading…

    Tommy Four Seven
    Nice sexy roll on ‘Confluence.’ Totally dig
    the cell’s building beauty!

    Paul Mac
    Bit of everything on this one even some
    Lazy Uk vibes 🙂 good stuff will be playing
    for sure.

    Paco Osuna
    thank you,drumcell for me

    confluence is really nice.

    Marcel Jochmann
    Drumcell Remix for me, Confluence also
    very nice

    Jonas Kopp
    I like the Paul Mac´s remix !

    Dustin Zahn
    All versions of Instiller are solid!

    Bryan Zentz
    instiller is awesome. deep and hypnotic but
    rockin. confluence… great. top notch work
    chris! nice remixes too.

    I’m really into Confluence, great metallic
    percussion and pads.

    Alan Fitzpatrick
    confluence is wicked and i love the drumcell

    Nihad Tule
    drumcell remix + original for me. strong

    Clint Stewart
    Another heavy hitter from the Droid Camp!
    Instiller (Original Mix) and Drumcell remix
    for me!

    Par Grindvik
    really like the paul mac rework! thanks

  • simps says:

    nice post. thanks.

  • Gelliaaahx says:

    Sure an interesting article. Thanks 🙂

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