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D-Node 094: Subversive – “Twice As Bright”

Droid Behavior’s own Subversive recorded this deep mix for the D-Node podcast.

“Well this mix is a chain reaction. At first I just wanted to listen to the first track Samurai Love by Sven Weisemann. That led into mixing it with a similar track. It then transformed into a mix session. My typical moodiness is reflected in the mix and also my attempts at merging melodic tracks with tough tracks.

The title comes from Blade Runner. When Roy the nexus 6 meets his maker, Tyrell, in an effort to prolong his life. Tyrell tells him “the candle/light? that shines twice as bright burns half as long”. An age old saying I suppose. Nevertheless Tyrell is brutally killed!”


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4 Responses to “D-Node 094: Subversive – “Twice As Bright””

  • Sean Young says:

    Love it!



  • mel says:

    YEE!! Like tears in the rain…

  • great set! heavy rotation on my ipod 😀

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