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D-Node 302: Raíz | VRV


D-node breaks the silence with a varied mix by the podcast’s curators, Raíz. After years of publishing countless techno sets from every corner of the globe from up and coming artists and established veterans alike there seemed to be very few places left to go and even less truly new and exciting music to share. D-node went on hiatus while the Droid and VRV members took a collective step back to hone in their skills in other areas of sound and production. Now nearly 12 months later a carefully selected collage of signal is presented for your listening pleasure. This episode comes ahead of the Droid Behavior 15 year anniversary where Raíz will be closing out the night time edition at Interface.

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1. 1977 – auguste & co
2. richard lahaine – b2
3. social service – ss1
4. black suede – connect like 2 ways
5. Markus suckut – your body
6. dave clarke – wisdom 2 the wise (rob hood remix)
7. raíz – recognize
8. endian – juno arps
9. lean trax – like dat
10. strip steve – all about
11. cappio bros – caffeine 4 daze
12. perpetual – blueprints
13. bitniks – audioactive
14. gene hunt – back on track
15. russell e butler – visions of the future
16. dj rush – dirty boy
17. dj rush – seasons
18. Sven Weisemann – trackz
19. loquace – the big crunch
20. tobago tracks – dialog
21. scope – desorption
22. groove yard – hardgroovin
23. S:VT – can’t stop
24. yalessa hall – second lucas (mosca mix)
25. dj seinfeld – drum werkout
26. sven vath – omen AM (johanenes heil remix)
27. mark henning – tides
28. moodcut – late night jam
29. unfinished portraits – closeness

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