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D-Node 161: Claude Young Live at PRIME

Detroit native Claude Young‘s been releasing excellent techno music since the early 90s on some of the best labels, and he’s been DJing even longer. Behind the decks he showcases an aggressive Detroit style, fearlessly manipulating tracks and transitions. Recorded live at our PRIME event in November, this mix is no exception: an unpredictable 81 minute ride through Detroit techno, disco loops, Michael Jackson, undeniable house, contemporary techno, and a Placebo track for good measure. There are few rules to this risky mixing, so along with the blends you should expect chopping between tracks, beat juggling, heavy fader manipulation, and some runaway moments finessed back into place. There were even some turntablist body tricks. The equipment barely survived the night. If you like falling asleep to your mixes you’ll have to look elsewhere. You get the idea.


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