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D-Node 194: Gareth Wild | EarToGround

Gareth Wild‘s pushing UK techno forward with the EarToGround label and party concept. While the shows have brought some of techno’s finest like Sandwell District and the Stroboscopic Artefacts crew to London, the label, with the help of Dax J and Chris Stanford, has pushed a London sound back out internationally with a series of successful EPs. Gareth’s graced not only the decks of UK clubs like Fabric and Corsica Studios, but has branched out to the international circuit.

This week we feature a mix of driving techno he describes as “a selection of tracks old new and future…”

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1- It’s out there- Marcelus- Singular
2- Revok- Dax J & Gareth Wild (Phase Remix 2)- EarToGround
3- Footstone- Inland
4- Bleaching Agent- Compare- Komisch
5- Retransmission- Mike Dehnert- Echocord Colour
6- SWD-Mathias Woot (PSYK Dubbed Out Remix)- EarToGround
7- Another Way- Marcelus- Singular
8- Heavenly In The Cemetery- Charlton- LDNwht
9- Friction- Marcel Fengler- Ostgut Ton
10- November- Percyl- Krill
11-Engineers Revenge- Dax J & Gareth Wild- EarToGround
12-Grit- Knobs (Bas Mooy Remix)- Nachtstrom Schallplatten
13- Interlock- Savas Pascalidis (Maan Remix)- Sweatshop
14- Something- Ben Sims (Truncate Remix)- Theory
15-Female- Damien Schneider (Tadeo Remix)- Planet Rhythm
16- Dissipate- SCB- Non Plus
17-Impact Unit- Trauma (Pfirter Remix)
18-Fett Bass / Space Man- Dj Rush (Torsten Kanzler Remix)- TK Records
19- Price of Competitiveness- Fundamental Interaction
20- 6 Sievert- Reeko- Pole Group
21- Over- Shifted- Mote Evolver

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