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RA Exchange 109: Droid Behavior + Clubbing in LA

Los Angeles’ finest techno promoters.

Droid Behavior
eats, sleeps and shits techno. It says so on their business cards. The crew is nearing a decade as one of Los Angeles’ preeminent promoters of 4/4, a group of DJs, producers, photographers and writers that have filled the need for regular underground techno parties in the city. Raiz (Vangelis and Vidal Vargas) and Drumcell (Moe Espinosa) founded Droid, but over the years things have grown exponentially. Credit for this is down to the trio’s early embrace of email newsletters and online promotion as well as their multimedia-heavy Interface parties, which have seen the likes of Speedy J, Surgeon and Marcel Dettmann all take to the decks. But their tastes also run wider than the usual techno sphere. In recent years, the crew has booked ghetto tech legend DJ Slugo and UK avant dubstepper Vex’d. In conjunction with our Clubbing in Los Angeles feature, Jonny Coleman sat down with the group to talk about the city and techno’s place within it.


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Droid Behavior also gets heavy mention in this week’s Clubbing in Los Angeles feature on RA

Jonny Coleman tackles the multi-farious scene in one of America’s biggest cities.

Los Angeles has always been a capital of pop culture. Outside of rave, however, it’s never had much of a reputation for its dance music culture. Until recently, that is. The efforts of local promoters have given rise to enormous EDM festivals, the Low End Theory-driven beat scene and thriving techno and house crews—and have led to the city finally becoming internationally recognized. Now, it seems, a place that houses four million people inside the city limits and 18 million in the greater Southland area, is finally representing itself on the world stage.

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  • Marcel Videla says:

    great job guys, wel deserved.

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