August 2, 2012

D-Node 167: Jeff Derringer Live at Interface 36 (Detroit) | Oktave

Jeff Derringer is a producer and performer based in Chicago. He is the resident and creative director of the Oktave project, which puts on events in both Chicago and New York. Jeff's first EP came out on New York's Subtrak label in the summer of 2010. He has since released three EPs on renowned UK label Perc Trax, as well as the forthcoming 'Deception' EP on Electric Deluxe, a collaboration with Droid Behavior's Raíz. To date, Jeff's music has been remixed by Claro Intelecto, Edit Selec...

August 1, 2012

OUT NOW: [EDLX 26] Raíz / Jeff Derringer – Deception EP

Knowing all too well that two -or in this case three- heads are better than one, Electric Deluxe are proud to announce ‘Deception EP’, a new collaboration from Droid brothers Raíz and Jeff Derringer. Though Raíz first appeared—on record—only a few years ago, for a decade now Vidal & Vangelis Vargas, together with Drumcell, have been flying the flag for the west coast techno community as Droid Behaviour—the much touted event collective and label based in LA. Initially operating...