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D-Node 154: Cabarete Groove | Machine Box

Inspired by the unique underground party scene of the Dominican Republic’s Cabarete Beach in the late ’90s, the Cabarete Groove duo perform a hybrid DJ set featuring live sound design and original tracks. “We like a sound that reflects a pure Techno essence, a lot of experimentation, blinding darkness and ground shaking industrial sounds.”

After playing out for a few years they went to Full Sail in Florida to work on their Recording Arts Degrees and after graduating published their first couple of singles. Their most experimental work to date, the dark “On/Off Omni EP,” features remixes from Drumcell, Perc, Alex Bau, and Ascion. Another recent release is the Tourette’s Syndrome EP on Silent Steps including a remix by JPLS and a mix by Michael Schwarz, which is track 7 of this podcast. They’re soon to release a follow-up to their Beatport minimal chart dominator Weird Things & Strange Noises for Australian label Elektrax Music.

The set for D-node 154 begins with dark and dubby tracks and builds into some peak hour intensity.

Cabarete Groove would like to give a special Thanks to The Noisemaker, Ascion, the Klinika boys and to Advanced Human for sharing the exclusive and unreleased tracks that youʼll find in this mix.

“Thanks all for listening! We hope that you enjoy the mix and the unreleased original material here… Letʼs Rock & (stomp the floor)!”



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01 – Cabarete Groove – Value System Disorder (Live Act Extract) | Unreleased
02 – Shapednoise – White Light White Head (Original Mix) | Repitch
03 – The Noisemaker – Depth Dub (Original Mix) | Cryonix
04 – Klinika – White Off (Original Mix) | Soon on Machine Box Recordings
05 – Cabarete Groove – Omni On Poly (Perc’s Drum Dub) | Unreleased
06 – Cabarete Groove – Boicot HR 1540 (Original Mix) | Unreleased
07 – Cabarete Groove – Tourette’s Syndronme (Michael Schwarz Remix) | Soon on Silent Steps Records
08 – Cabarete Groove – Berliner (Low n Dark Mix) | Unreleased
09 – Cabarete Groove – Massive Fallout Shelters (Original Mix) | Unreleased
10 – Cabarete Groove – Omni On Mono (Drumcell Remix) | Machine Box Recordings
11 – Cabarete Groove – Normalcy Bias (Live Act Extract) | Unreleased
12 – Advanced Human – The Dropa Stones (Original Mix) | Soon on Impact Mechanics

Selected Media:

Cabarete Groove – Omni On Mono Official Video from Cabarete Groove on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to “D-Node 154: Cabarete Groove | Machine Box”

  • Thanks everyone for listening and for sharing this podcast! We hope that you enjoy it!


  • Alberto says:

    Vitín, que kool keep up your great art for the whole world. Congratulations…!!!

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