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D-Node 150: Abdulla Rashim | Prologue

So here’s the official word on Abdulla Rashim, and the first sentence is pretty much our favorite way of introducing a DJ/producer:

“Not much is known of the mysterious producer Abdulla Rashim. Being situated in Sweden and having released two records, ASAYITA and GIZAW in 2011 on his own imprint, Abdulla Rashim Records, Abdulla keeps both his sound and himself below the surface.”

We’re also allowed this visual to the left. Need we say more? His dark, psychedelic tracks have been making their way into the sets of those who know, four of which can be found on RA’s latest podcast featuring LA based Developer. We’re excited to present this rising artist and his sound.



There’s no tracklist provided with this one. The idea is to listen to the tracks rather than potentially gloss over their names, though we’ve had some fun guessing and researching a few of the tracks ourselves. Enjoy.


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More SoundsAbdulla Rashim’s Soundcloud

Selected Media:

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4 Responses to “D-Node 150: Abdulla Rashim | Prologue”

  • La Guru says:


  • alexey says:

    nice back catalogue accent

  • Vishal says:

    So deep, so sick, with sounds that just mess with your head. And I was just in Italy and I think Abdulla Rashim is a nod to the many thousands of Bangladeshis living there.

    This would wipe out a club with a half-decent sound system.

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