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D-Node 136: Daegon | Machine Box


Daegon’s strange bio has some stuff about alien abduction and his production techniques being the remnants of alien probing… Despite his otherworldly influences, Daegon has become the leading producer out of Denver here on Earth with releases and remixes on an array of labels including Machine Box, Googoo, Fourth Kind, Reeves Music, Emote, and others. Check out this live set comprised entirely of the man’s originals and remixes.


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Daegon – Close To Me
Daegon – White Coats
Daegon – Playing Dead
Daegon – Control Room
Scalameriya – Samus Aran (Daegon Remix)
Reagan – Banana Head (Daegon Remix)
Duky – Anxiety (Daegon Remix)
Hanchi – aVoid (Daegon Remix)
Coeter One & Tiari – Arms Daegon Remix)
Tess Wassila – Abnormal Energy (Daegon Remix)
Felix Lorusso – Multiple oppression (Daegon Remix)
Daegon – M45

Selected Media:

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2 Responses to “D-Node 136: Daegon | Machine Box”

  • Shinkita says:

    Perfect vibe for my work day!

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