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D-Node 131: Developer | Modularz

Developer has been a fixture of the LA techno movement since the mid ’90s. He spread his musical vision over the airwaves on 88.7 FM KSPC in 1994 and soon became involved in the development and management of Entity Distribution along with DJ Gonz and Thorp family shortly after. Entity was responsible for the sale and placement of such revered labels as Axis, Plus 8, Definitive, Reload and the Submerge catalog in record stores from all along the west coast down to Mexico and South America.

Much in tune with the music Entity pushed, Developer was influenced by the artists they carried and shared their ideals. After a few years, Entity disbanded and Developer went on to continue his passion producing, performing and promoting. In 2005, he started the concept, production and design label Modularz which has since gained the support of DJ Deep, Sigha and Jonas Kopp with releases and remixes by Silent Servant, Santiago Salazar, Truncate and Developer himself.

This week Developer showcases his fast paced deeply layered mixing style in this 48 min set containing new sounds from his label as well as contemporary selections from the global scene.


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9 Responses to “D-Node 131: Developer | Modularz”

  • Octave says:

    Definitely awesome !!! Need more .. 🙂

  • Eric says:

    awesome !!

  • Anonymous says:

    very nice selections here

  • Anonymous says:


  • Sarah says:

    really nice! downloading now !!

  • Pellucid says:

    I love your blog, you should add instructions for the RSS feed feature so I can get automatic notifications of new blogs. If you can help me set it up please email me! Ii will bookmark you for now. Again Excellent Blog!

  • Stephan p says:

    No track list???? 🙁

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