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Online Spend Time w/ Justin Long [Dotbleep / Chicago]

If you are reading this blog i think its safe to say you are fans of the internet….as are we. In an attempt to bring the artists closer to the listeners we have decided to ask LA favorite and past Droid guest Justin Long a few questions about how he spends his time online (via youtube of course).

Justin hails from Chicago, the birthplace of House and has generously applied the inspiration of his city to the music he produces, plays, listens, loves, eats sleeps, and breathes. His bent ideals of house and techno over the last 20 years have landed him gigs at nightlife watering holes around the planet including Fabric, Back To Basics and the infamous SubClub along with undergrounds and club nights in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Canada, U.K and Belgium as well as his monthly residency at Smart Bar titled .Dotbleep in Chicago, which the Acid team has had the pleasure of guest mixing before.

According to Justin’s Bio his “unique vibe behind the decks has likened him to a flailing live wire on the ground [and] his aggressive energy has been compared to Ian Curtis, Kurt Kobain and Joe Strummer..” with ride ranging from “Joy Division, Green Velvet, The Stooges Chez Damier, [to] Talking Heads, [and] Nitzer Ebb.” With such a large breadth of musical knowledge and appreciation you can bet Justin spends a bit of time buffering interesting and entertaining media.

Dotbleep Podomatic

Justin Long on Resident Advisor

Dotbleep 9 Year Anniv. w/ Justin Long + Traxx + Tyrel Williams

Justin Long on Beatport. Out now Strange EP + Wasted Chicago Youth Mix

Justin’s Top Picks (in no particular order)

Mini Interview by Bijan R. + Vidal V.

As someone who walks a line between two genres, known as a house DJ yet known for playing music people think of as techno, how would you differentiate between the two?

From where I stand I see no difference between the two. House and techno are both cut from the same same cloth finding roots back in American funk and soul, German psychedelic rock and Jamaican dub as well as sharing the same drum machine shuffled skeleton and beating heart. Todays market is obsessed with throwing labels and names on a product as a means to put new shelf life an idea that has already found itself in circulation. I view this separation as a miscalculated mistake!

What do you think is the most exciting thing going on in dance music right now?

I am recently seeing a hunger in people’s interest to discover the roots of our beloved dance music. This to me is most important! How can one push forward with the future if one does not know and respect its past?


To make a party operate one must view it as a machine, The Dj is only one cog in the system, then people in attendance are the pistons and finally the music are sonic belts that extend and wrap all parts of the system in order to make it move flawlessly inside the casing which would be the venue.

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    It is rumored that Bears have forged an alliance with their Natural allies the Sharks to create BearSharks

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