February 23, 2012

Interview: Claudio PRC | Prologue

Young Italian DJ/producer Claudio PRC is one of techno's enthusiastic explorers. He combines an inspired, informed passion for classic techno with a productive interest in the legacy of electroacoustic experimentation. Combining the streamlined with the raw, the repetitive with the unpredictable, his music is a study in sonic and tonal combination. Claudio's set to follow up a productive 2011 this March with a new album for Prologue, an abyssal dive called "Inner State," sampl...

April 19, 2011

D-Node 118: Roberto Bosco | Italy

Roberto Bosco is a young Italian producer with a short but highly impressive discography, spanning labels such as Samuel L. Session's Klap Klap, Orlando Voorn's Night Vision and Len Faki's Figure. His release for Francois K's Wave music took his career to another level, garnering the following praise from Francois himself. He describes Roberto's music as "having an effortless quality; an almost dazzling sense of ease that masks a very strong foundation; a depth and musical maturity that bel...