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D-Node 299: Yukimasa | Force


Tokyo-based Yukimasa actually began his music career in ’90s Anaheim, California, and his sights eventually turned to techno with DJing and event promotion, specifically around the Tokyo-based “Force” events. His mix for D-Node is both hard and hypnotic, showcasing the continuous hypnotism of artists like Mike Parker, featuring tracks by PAS, RødhÃ¥d, Marco Shuttle, and more.

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1. No Knowledge of Sorrow or Regret_Varg (Abdulla Rashim Remix)
2. Astra_Etapp Kyle
3. Mood Of The Machines Part I_Wata Igarashi
4. Sonar Falls_Planetary Assault Systems
5. Mood Of The Machines Part IV_Wata Igarashi
6. Constellations_Jon Hester
7. Sing Like a Bird_Marco Shuttle (Peter Van Hoesen Remix)
8. 7.2_Architectural
9. Scape Sequences_Max_M
10. Sapiens_DJ Datch (Nax Acid Remix)
11. Hux_Rod
12. Conform Feat. Cable 54_Armitage
13. Mood Of The Machines Part II_Wata Igarashi
14. Vac04_Groof
15. Bawoo Bawoo_Planetary Assault Systems
16. Binary_Lewis Fautzi (Oscar Mulero Remix)
17. Reproduce_Armitage
18. Like Tears In The Rain_Rødhåd
19. Horizontz_Lewis Fautzi
20. Master Blaster_Distant Echoes
21. Axial Tilt_Jeroen Search
22. Heighter_Takaaki Itoh
23. Anindica_Rod
24. Pulse Trader_Mike Paker

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