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D-Node 216: Mary Velo | Frozen Border

Originally from Toronto but relocated to Berlin, Mary Velo made her vinyl debut with Methods EP on Coincidence and followed it up with a track on Frozen Border’s excellent Minutes in Ice compilation, placing her among other top techno producers of the new era. In the last year or so she’s released an aggressive run of singles on Gynoid, Labrynth, Fluxus, and again on Frozen Border this year with the Manhattan Project 12″, including a remix by Silent Servant featured in the podcast. These associations and associates should give a sense of the music she mixes live, and this week you can jump into a heavy hour of that sound. Tracklist below.


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1. Periphery – Orphx [Sonic Groove]
2. Manhattan Project (Silent Servant remix) – Mary Velo [Frozen Border]
3. Vertebra – Agony Forces [Lycaon]
4. Asiel – Radial [Mord]
5. Graveyard (Perc remix) – Headless Horseman
6. Rotula (Truncate remix) – Oscar Mulero [Modularz]
7. Beautiful – Cheap and Deep [Waveform]
8. No Way Out – Flug [Sleaze]
9. Percative_UT II – Consoless [Heaven To Hell]
10. Scjkn – Spherical Coordinates [PoleGroup]
11. Fourty Four – Truncate [Mote Evolver]
12. Fierce Tension (Shifted remix) – Abstract Division [Dynamic Reflection]
13. Syntax – Mary Velo [Frozen Border]
14. Commerce Above All Else – Joe Cocherell [Frozen Border]
15. Mountak – Jonas Kopp [Sleaze]
16. Fatal Chord – Seelow [TFE XX1]
17. Conflate Four – Stefan Vincent [Balans]
18. Excavation – Tom Dicicco [Run Out Run]
19. Cathedral – Inigo Kennedy [Token]

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