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D-Node 180: Plexor | Futra

Originally from Milwaukee but now a fixture of the Los Angeles scene, Eric Hanson (AKA Eezir) returns to D-Node under his techno-oriented Plexor guise for an hour of music that begins subdued and heavy, journeys into harder and darker territory, and emerges with ethereal melody. Included in the mix is his remix of Bombardier’s “Wolves,” coming out soon on Low Res Records. Get it now and take it for the weekend…


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For anyone in LA, Plexor will be playing the So Simple show on December 1 with Monster X and Bombardier.

01. modern heads + dino sabatini_dry bleep
02. oscar mulero_introducing errors
03. philip row + fabio agostini_bishop
04. blawan_tuesday’s march
05. skudge_below (boddika acid refix)
06. ancient methods_else (radio edit)
07. christian wunsch_sleeper cell
08. plexor_blank stare
09. delta funktionen_redemption
10. bleak_scanners (skudge rmx)
11. robert hood_unix (alive)
12. proxy_audio 15
13. bombardier_wolves (plexor rmx)
14. oscar mulero_like a wolf
15. kangding ray_thar
16. factory floor_two different ways (perc rmx)
17. go hiyama_second real
18. surgeon_transparent radiation
19. the phantom_voyeur (senile mind loop rmx)
20. phase_binary opposition (inigo kennedy process)

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