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Xeriscape 001 feat. Viktor Carrillo + John Von


Featuring the Original Mix by Viktor Carrillo + John Von
Remixes by Daniel Satta

Available now in digital format on Beatport

Los Angeles-based minimal house and techno label Xeriscape Records present their debut release “Plurals”, a bass-laden funky minimal techno track featuring two mixes from label principals John von and Viktor Carrillo along with a remix by third Xeriscape partner, Satta. The tracks are available exclusively on Beatport.

LA warehouse party scene veterans Viktor Carrillo (Droid Behavior, Bang the Drum, Higher Source Records) and John von (Vibration Institute, Infinite Complexity) join forces here to produce a pair of liquid funky minimal grooves for new dancefloor era.

German émigré DJ/producer Satta (Liebe-zur-Musik/Berlin, Animal Club/LA) re-sequences the tracks into a spare yet funky techno groove in his remix.

Xeriscape is the minimal dancefloor sister label of experimental/ambient label Vibration Institute, which recently released electronic jazz album Extreme Measures by Simplexity to great reviews. The album is currently available through iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and most major online outlets.

Run as collective endeavors but largely managed by electronic musician/producer/bassist John von Seggern, Vibration Institute and Xeriscape seek to “maximize musical innovation by leveraging the power of rapid and radical technological change. We act as a networking and information center for those seeking to improve the human future by using music technology. By this means we hope to expand the possibilities of human life, augment intelligence, optimize psychology, improve social systems, and get our groove on.”

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6 Responses to “Xeriscape 001 feat. Viktor Carrillo + John Von”

  • silegnav says:

    alright carillos, keep em coming! satta minimal remix is cool.

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