May 9, 2012

D-Node 157: Daedelus Live at PRIME

Appropriately sharing his name with the master craftsman of Greek mythology, Daedelus has become a revered figure of LA's electronic music scene. A boundary-crosser comfortable with sweet soundtrack strings, splintered breaks, rap vocals, and raved-up synth loops (sometimes all at the same time), he's welcome in a wide range of music circles, including a few Droid performances over the years. When we teamed up with Friendly Integration for the March edition of PRIME, we knew it was the perfe...

March 25, 2012

Droid Behavior + FI presents PRIME: Daedelus | 3.29

CLICK HERE FOR LIMITED FREE/PRESALE TICKETS CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO ON FACEBOOK CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO ON RA Daedelus makes his return to Droid Behavior / Friendly Integration curated events this season at PRIME. Also on the bill will feature Friendly Integration founder Derek Michael, Breakcore legend Baseck, WMX of So Simple Records, and EEZIR. Online event registration for Droid Behavior + FI: Prime with Daedelus (Ninja Tune) powered by Eventbrite Sele...