December 23, 2010

Video: JEFF MILLS | LIVE 909 ROUTINE | LA | Dec 2010

CLICK TO VIEW PHOTO GALLERY FROM DROID + VANGUARD PRESENTS JEFF MILLS | DEC 2010 Third time's a charm. The Legendary Jeff Mills graced us last weekend and delivered his best performance of his three LA appearances in the last 6 years. It was rare occasion to see him work the hardware as he did. We were lucky enough to capture it on film courtesy of Drumcell. Observe the mastery that is Jeff Mills. Video Info: 12.17.2010 | Jeff Mills working the live 909 routine at Droid Behavior Nig...

December 7, 2010

Droid Behavior + Vanguard: Jeff Mills 12.17

CLICK HERE FOR PRESALES CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO ON RA Friday 17 December 2010 Vanguard + Droid Behavior welcomes Jeff Mills .JEFF MILLS [Axis :: Purpose Maker :: Tresor // Chicago / Detroit] www.axisrecords.com | www.facebook.com/jeffmills ... along with .DRUMCELL [Droid Behavior: CLR : Electric Deluxe // LA] .SUBVERSIVE [Droid Behavior // LA] Patio: .DJ DAYHOTA (Los Angeles) Hummingbyrd Music .RICARDO TORRES & TORIN REA (Los Angeles) WCC .SLICK DADA (Los Angeles...