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January 19, 2012

D-Node 143: Dean Paul | Droid Behavior

Dean Paul's one of Droid's select resident DJs. Supporting Droid with his photography, video, and other media, Dean is known to most as a DJ for all occasions. A dedicated music head since the early 90s, he's since played just about every kind of venue and always finds the perfect music for the time, place, and crowd. This set for D-Node was recorded last November at Cause in Minneapolis and features a range of sounds from bass music to deep techno to mid-90s acid. Enjoy. [audio:ht...

March 23, 2011

D-Node 116: Subfractal | HARTHOUSE

Growing up in Karachi, Pakistan, Fahad Ahmad and Syed Mishaal Raza didn’t cross paths until 2006 after they’d both moved to Canada, where the burgeoning electronic music scene and a common love of techno brought them together. Since then, their brand of brooding, driving, beautifully dark minimal techno as Subfractal has reached international audiences through releases on Harthouse, Excentric Muzik, Sleaze Records, Bosphorus Underground, Respekt Recordings, Frequenza, Brood Audio, COD...