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September 19, 2013

D-Node 217: Nikola Gala | Escada Music + Plastic City

Greek producer/DJ Nikola Gala has been been pushing quality for over a decade throuhg labels like Ibadan, Rekids, Freerange, and more, including his own Escada Music. An adaptive, multi-talented producer, Gala has moved through progressive house, deep house, and eventually an evolved, uplifting techno sound informed by his past and fostered by his relocation to Berlin. This week's excellent mix speeds through a long list of expertly mixed tracks with arcing traces of melody, atmosphere, and ...

January 18, 2012

Droid Behavior presents PRIME: Peter Van Hoesen | 2.9

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June 7, 2011

D-Node 121: Peter Van Hoesen | Time To Express

Peter Van Hoesen's been in the Belgian techno scene for years, but it's really in the past few that he's blown up on an international level, consistently producing unique and memorable 12" releases that are charted and played out by top DJs worldwide. Peter's also a highly sought DJ about to begin another tour, and this mix for D-Node demonstrates his appeal. Horizontal Ground, Cosmin TRG, Drumcell vs Audio Injection, Emptyset, and other bass-heavies are pulled into a densely-layered hour ...