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July 25, 2013

D-Node 209: Joachim Spieth | Affin

First finding his home on Kompakt, Joachim Spieth has over the years had his tracks championed by others. From early support by John Peel and an appearance among The Orb's Back to Mine selections, to recent appearances in Scuba's Essential Mix and Martin L. Gore's Beatport chart, Spieth has shown his skills as a producer, remixer, and performing DJ. He's also a label boss, and the prolific digital Affin label is now in the 130s after launching 5 years ago, followed by the vinyl imprint Affi...

March 13, 2013

D-Node 191: Shin Nishimura | Plus

Shin Nishimura is among the Japanese music scene's long time players. Since 2004 he has owned and operated the label Plus Records which has released music from homegrown talents (Q'hey, Takaaki Itoh) as well as their established Global counterparts (Technasia, John Tejada, Hardcell). We had the pleasure of meeting with Shin during our last tour in Tokyo / Osaka and invited him to contribute to the D-Node series. As with many other mixes, we enjoy sharing techno's influence on other parts of...

November 22, 2010


CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO CLIPS DROID.11 Raíz - Keep Secrets EP Remixes by Jerome Sydenham | Function | James Ruskin Available now in digital format on Beatportand where all Vinyl is sold. Tracks: A1 Raíz - Keep Secrets (original mix) A2 Raíz - Keep Secrets (Sydenham + Function remix) B1 Raíz - Been Caught (original mix) B2 Raíz - Keep Secrets (James Ruskin remix) Overview: The Enigmatic duo behind much of Droid Behavior's activity, Vangelis and Vidal Vargas m...