April 5, 2010

D-Node 096: Ed Isar Live in Los Angeles

Ed Isar's hard hitting closing set has now been released from the archives for your podcast streaming pleasure. Ed cut his teeth in London and Paris DJing, researching and blogging for the popular webzine http://www.getthecurse.com which has been dedicated to pronouncing the latest and greatest in underground electronic music. Recently the blog site has turned vinyl/digital imprint and will soon add their sonic input / output through the Industry. Ed explains his LA debut at the Droid pr...

March 17, 2010

Evidence from Droid Presents Jimmy Edgar // Devine

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL SET ON FLICKR CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL SET ON FACEBOOK CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL SET ON RA Photos from this weekend's very fun, very sweaty and very successful club event are now up. Enjoy these pics courtesy of Droid's resident night life flasher Dean Paul. Feel free to look deep for a snapshot of the after hours with Acid Circus. Also available for your viewing pleasure is this 4 minute closing clip of Richard Devine's set storm courtesy of Drum...