April 13, 2015


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May 15, 2014

D-Node 244: Project 313 Live at Bar Americas

This week D-Node welcomes back Project 313, the Detroit-based duo of Chad Parraghi and Nick Bien, founders of the label and events group Blank Code. This mix was recorded live and is the first two hours of a set they performed at Guadalajara's Bar Americas, at Luis Flores' record release party for his new Blank Code release Rituals of Submission. The mix runs through the dark, driving territory Blank Code is known for, with a wide variety of moving rhythms. No tracklist on this, though I no...

April 10, 2014

D-Node 241: Joel Morgan | Blank Code

Part of the label and collective Blank Code, Detroit native Joel Morgan has evolved from a more minimal-oriented sound (with several releases on his own Mintec Musik to a more rugged, driving techno that finds its place among today's network of fans and DJs. This week's mix spotlights his sound, which can also serve as a preview of more to come when he joins Regis, Oscar Mulero, Cell Injection, Dustin Zahn, Kyle Geiger and more this May at Interface 47 | Scene 22 in Detroit. [audio:h...

July 17, 2013

D-Node 208: Project 313 Live at Interface | Scene Detroit

Detroit-based Chad Parraghi and Nick Bien work together as Project 313. After years in the underground techno scene they founded the Blank Code label/group, which has hosted notable events and label showcases in Detroit. This includes the "Scene" event series, which in conjunction with Droid's Interface was an official Movement after party at this year's festival in Detroit. This week's recording for D-Node was recorded live at that event. Listeners on the West Coast should take note that...